InterPol DoubleZero Special Blaster


Copyright: Consortium Carl Walther Gmbh-K.W. Thompson / InterPol / © 19/03/2098


The metaWave technology developed after the 2070s allowed for new forms of weaponry and ammunition. Over the following decades, the development of microrockets running on nanofuels and the new data transfer speeds brought about a new generation of lethal projectiles guided with millimetric precision thanks to GPS controlled trajectories. Their military use could only be tested during the last war in the Middle East. After that conflict, thanks to the moratorium enforced by the Brasilia Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament throughout the planet and its regulation a decade later with the Valparaiso Agreements, the Planetary Law for World Peace was agreed upon on January 1, 2110.


After signing the Doha Agreements in May 2110 to eliminate all old automatic weapons, and through the Citizen’s Disarmament Law applied in all SocioSystems on the planet, the customizable electronic weaponry was reserved exclusively for law enforcement agents.


The SB-4 model of assault gun is an evolved version of its predecessors SB-1 and SB-2, with interchangeable one- and two-way barrels respectively. These models are exclusively used by police today, with the SB-4 version being the standard weapon for DoubleZero agents on each continent. They are the only police agents legally licensed to kill by Digital Instant Trial. This weapon is therefore always connected to the corresponding InterPol central and to the General Judiciary Council. Both the scenario and the impact zone are recorded in real time in the CodeKover of each InterPol HQ. The judiciary algorithms decide the level of physical damage applicable to the suspect.


EMPTY WEIGHT:          525 g

LOADED WEIGHT:       765 – 925 g  (depending on ballistic configuration)

DIMENSIONS:              270 x 129 x 34 mm

BARREL LENGTH:        4 x 200.5 mm


Calibre 6×54 mm long / 3 units per barrel

Calibre 6×34 mm short / 5 units per barrel