Real Time Broadcasting Flying Camera


Copyright: Sony-Leica Media Lab / © 15/12/2108


Since 2105, 13G aerial drones really revolutionised live sports broadcasting. Their exceptional image quality allowed viewers to make previously impossible zooms, they could even get a closeup view of the variations in pupil dilation of their favourite sport stars.

Sony-Leica’s BFC series enables native 64k stereoscopic multi-resolution video imaging, with an image stability unprecedented in this type of device.
The electric motors are powered exclusively by the MetaWave Dissipation Network, thanks to their low weight and operating consumption. It does not require recharging and uses small, lightweight batteries to provide a stable flow to its electronics.

When atmospheric winds exceed 35 km/h, the drone descends and parks on the ground folding its 3 blades downwards, until the speed is reduced or it is picked up by a conventional transport.

The BFC-3 was first used at the Nairobi 2120 Olympic Games, where a swarm of 5 units recorded the famous women’s 400m hurdles race, where the Abyssinian athlete Djana Finnley managed to beat the “Limit of the Gods”, the famous record set by Jocelyn March back in the 2060s.


WEIGHT:                      2.6 kg

PROPULSION:             3 Siemens VarioDraft 0.7 kW motors


RANGE:                       8 hours

CEILING:                      0.15 km

POWER SOURCE:       MetaWave Dissipation Network


DIMENSIONS:              1,150 x 1,300 x 265 mm