Trans / CommuniMetric Currency


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Measurement of the communicational level of any person immersed in society began in 2045, at the gates of the so-called post-capitalism, with  Marat Punset’s initial studies during his stay at the Department of Algorithmics for Interlingual Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His approaches were revolutionary at the time, since he proposed a mathematical model capable of evaluating the “amount of communication” between people in a transversal way.


It was not until the publication of Van Roisemberg’s treatise on the measurement of beauty (EstethoMetry) in 2063 and Isozaki’s treatise on the measurement of power (PoweroMetrics) in 2065 that Punset had the new tools provided by Mutational Algebra to deepen his theories and establish a solvent mathematical model.


His previous studies on iconicity and transmedia languages were amplified with the new mutational algorithms of the “Harvard Group”, allowing him to pose new semantic challenges such as the digital matching between emoticons and syntagmas of all known languages. His theory of the use of the subliminal emoticon, inserted in digital platforms with a frequency of more than 100 images per second, although highly controversial at first, was supported over the years by a good number of scientists as a possible solution to unify signifiers in the already consolidated simultaneous translation programs.

This theory of concealing emoticons between video images or even text could never be proven, since to this day it is still illegal to use any type of subliminal image in the broadcasts of any digital terminal.


CommuniMetry did not gain the status of science until well into the 2090s, with the roadmap for change in the global governance system. The concept of “sociality” could be measured with the new Trans unit and would become part of the four-currency ecosystem promoted by the then future Board of Sages. It provided a unique aid for the psychological and psychiatric sciences by allowing the level of social integration of a person to be assessed and to anticipate possible depressive episodes, which were increasing worryingly at that time.


The Trans currency is used as an exchange value since the year 2101, in combination with the other three New Age currencies. We can adjust scores from our terminals, offsetting some values against others at a given time and thus get access to a certain work or consumption objective.


The following table lists the Trans currency exchange rates with respect to the other New Era values:


Currency Exchange Value Power Sociality Leisure Beauty
PowerOmetry:   1  Potens 1,000 0,434 0,322 + 0,018
EsthetoMetry:   1   Canon 0,561 0,243 5,542 1
CommuniMetry:   1    Trans 2,304 1,000 0,741 + 0,041
LudoMetry:   1  Ludens 3,109 1,349 1,000 + 0,055
Pn Tn Ln Cn