Modular Lunar Dome


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The Kompress version of the STU robotic container system is responsible for sealing and pressurising the modular corridors of the lunar installations. The MLD variant is designed to be arranged in a circular matrix of 8 elements. The photovoltaic fabric they contain when shipped from Earth allows inflation of the triangulated geodesic dome that connects corridors. Every STU-Kompress module is itself a double-doored chamber with a pressurisation system at 1.2 atmospheres.

In independent mode, the module can be placed at the end of any corridor to act as a closure and as the entrance/exit gate to the lunar exterior.

The breathing oxygen mixture is supplied from the solar ice electrolysis plant at the nearest moon base. Lunar facilities are always located next to a fuel and oxygen generation plant to ensure working personnel’s well-being. That is why they include an STS-65 shuttle spaceport for the transport of containers. In the work areas of androids and industrial robots, the breathable mixture is limited in oxygen due to obvious savings issues.



STU-Kompress module:            250 m3

Dome:                                     7.000 m3


STU-Kompress module:            64m2

Dome:                                     735 m2

POWER SOURCE:  Photovoltaic electricity, stored in Lithium-Anamadium batteries

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:                      0.929

DOME DIMENSIONS:                          30,600 x 30,600 x 15,300 mm