Potens / PoweroMetric Currency


Copyright:  The Isozaki  Foundation / © 01/03/2070


With the publication of the treaty “The Digital Measurement of Power. Fundamentals of PowerOmetry” by Akira Isozaki in 2065, the possibility of truly measuring the amount of power one human being has over another began to be debated. The approach, even more revolutionary than that of his colleague Van Roisemberg with the question of measuring beauty, raised an interesting paradox: If everyone knows the value of power over others, what is it worth?

Dr. Isozaki argued in his treatise that this was precisely the key, since it would democratize a reality until now reserved only for a few select pressure groups and/or states, with respect to the rest of the billions of “normal” people, all of them equally inhabitants of the planet. It might seem utopian, but the incipient mutational algorithmics made it possible. Isozaki considered that thee change in mentality that his theses implied were an unstoppable reality and that it was only a matter of time before they were accepted.

Time proved him right sooner than expected. With the publication of Kaplan’s manuscript on the SocioSystems and her Unified Theory on Migration, only one year later, both the scientific community and the most populist media echoed the theories of the so-called “Harvard Group”. The post-capitalism of a single currency, in force since 2049, was not solving the problems of climate change or inequalities. Each new cycle of economic crisis was further separating an elite from the rest of the population, paradoxically more hyper-connected than ever thanks to instantaneous translation capabilities into any language on the planet.

After various trial runs and numerous adjustments, especially at the legal level so the large corporations that owned Big Data legally ceded their algorithmic bases to the United Nations, the implementation of the Virtual Currency system based on Isozaki’s Potens unit, and its equivalence with the rest of the New Age currencies, was planned.

PowerOmetry is deeply rooted in today’s society. It is the most consulted index throughout the day. No one can conceive a world in which you can decide anything without consultingthe Potens value in real time. No politician raises his campaign without a minimum evaluation. Some even disclose their average campaign value as a weapon against their opponents. Many corporations limit job interviews with this index. This situation remains in a legal limbo, but is accepted and publicly known.

The Potens currency began to be used as an exchange value in 2101, together with the other three New Age currencies. We can adjust scores from our terminals, offsetting some values against others at a given time and thus get access to certain employment, sentimental or consumption targets.


The following table lists the Potens currency exchange rates with respect to the other New Era values:

Currency Exchange Value Power Sociality Leisure Beauty
PowerOmetry:   1  Potens 1,000 0,434 0,322 + 0,018
EsthetoMetry:   1   Canon 0,561 0,243 5,542 1
CommuniMetry:   1    Trans 2,304 1,000 0,741 + 0,041
LudoMetry:   1  Ludens 3,109 1,349 1,000 + 0,055
Pn Tn Ln Cn