High Power metaWave Field Generator


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The development of MetaWave technology, after their discovery in the 2050s, made it possible to solve the problem of the radioelectric spectrum becoming saturated with video communications across the planet. The great challenge of the time was to make it viable on a planetary scale. Experiments in limited areas provided very good results, but the problem arose when trying to make it work globally.

It was not until the 2070s that the challenge of building a MetaWave emitter capable of generating 3 communication spheres to envelope the entire planet, began to be considered technically viable.

Thanks to the development of the mining stations on the Moon, which already required monthly transports to the Earth, it was possible to undertake the transport of an anamorphite crystal large enough to emit MetaWaves on a global scale.
The construction of the first Alpha-Triton launch vector, the largest that could leave Earth’s orbit, was crucial in sending a transport module to the Moon to bring a large crystal, 1 m³ in volume and 24 tons in mass, back to Earth.

It took three attempts to achieve this feat. The first mission ejected a submodule equipped with retrothrusters and a parachute into Earth’s orbit with the rock. It landed on the intended location in Siberia, but the large rock fragmented into several smaller ones. The second mission succeeded in bringing the mineral back intact. The problem arose when the partition was made inside the Metatron’s facilities. It was not performed with the required precision and the optimal crystallographic division could not be achieved. On the third mission in 2072, having improved the pressure and temperature conditions, the large team of scientists of the United Nations finally achieved the precious division of the ore into 3 enormous identical subpolyhedrons, known since then as “Siberian Partition”.

It would take several more years until all the required pre-tests were completed. On January 1, 2074, the first global broadcast of MetaWaves in concentric spheres was made, transmitting digital data at 18.3 Exabytes/sec.

The Siberian facility was dismantled a year later and the great Metatron was moved to an unknown location ever since. Numerous theories place it under the ocean, others in Antarctica and the rest take it for granted that it is in GlassCity, the new planetary capital since 2082, which is also at a secret location according to the Planetary Security Act voted at the United Nations in February of that same year.


Technical data have never been made public.


The only information available is:


– Planetary MetaWave Emitter operational since September 12, 2085.


– The last reported measurement, on the day of its 35th anniversary, with the SkyKover Global Satellite Network completed, reveals stable broadcasting at 18,000 Yottabytes/sec, a data transfer rate unthinkable when it was first activated, at the dawn of the New Era.