San Francisco Flying Tower


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An old skyscraper from the 2070s, it is part of architecture’s history as the first building on the American continent entirely assembled with airships. Each of its 63 floors was prefabricated with the latest technology of albumin-carbon polymers printed in 3D at the now defunct Burbank Industrial Park in Los Angeles.

It was also the first time that the installers worked inside the modules while they were being transported over 600m above the ground. Every 3hrs, a complete plant was moved and was connected 2hr later. In 25dys they managed to assemble the entire structure. A week later the interiors were finished and the building was ready to be inaugurated.

With this milestone, the former United States of America held the record in building speed for 5yrs, until the former People’s Republic of China broke that record again with its famous Beijing Memorial Tower, 12 floors higher and assembled 9dys quicker.

The interior decoration of the Meridian Hotel is also famous for its NeoDeco style, and is now a vintage attraction for its guests.

In 2096 the building was acquired by the Taiwanese chain The Flying Disco Media Group, who replaced the old roof with the famous glass floor discotheque, which flies out every midnight with a modern HelioTrans over the bay of sanFrancisco.


CAPACITY: 6,000 people

LEVELS: 63 floors


Height: 0.375 km