Hologrametric Brain Advanced Support


Copyright: HoloMetriks AG  / © 01/12/2088


The MediaBanner is an extremely complex tactical device. Some of its features are still classified as Top Secret today. Its technical name HBAS (Hologrametric Brain Advanced Support) has its origin in the last wars of the planet at the end of the 2080’s, with the pacification of Northeast Africa and the formerly called Middle East. Its use was strictly limited to the elite military forces of the United Nations at the time. Its floating holographic screen system of variable format and dimension, depending on the visual field required to provide information at each moment, gives its user a very peculiar facial appearance, by covering one of their eyes with a halo that moves continuously, and a bright dark blue color.

The fine structure of its technoplastic frame has several stereoscopic micro cameras inserted around the perimeter, providing a three-dimensional image of the entire environment around the user.

Its transducers distributed along the three fine upper arches and the perimeter ring generate a metaWave field that interacts with the cerebral cortex and different areas of the lobes. It facilitates the user’s selective vision, a critical issue when viewing the sight notch of your statutory weapon. The user of a MediaBanner can shoot at any point without “looking”, thanks to 360º vision. This is the typical posture of a protagonist actor, very much exploited in the current Bollywood action TV series.

Everyone knows that the MediaBanner user never misses a target. Today only InterPol’s 7 DoubleZeros and a select elite Democratic Guard Reserve Corps are legally authorized to use it. It operates connected in real time with a powerOmetric algorithm that evaluates the tactical scenario. Its variables were agreed upon by the General Council of the Global Judiciary and the United Nations Security Council in 2098, when the Stable SocioSystems were agreed upon and the current InterPol was refounded.

If a DoubleZero agent shoots, it is because the system allows him to do so, the trial is completed and the impact is essential for the arrest and subsequent imprisonment of the already condemned. In most cases it will only allow him to hit non-vital areas of the target, depending on the evidence available at the time. A fatal shot requires a unanimous digital court ruling, which implies a minimum processing time of 12 hours.


WEIGHT:   108 g

DIMENSIONS UNFOLDED:  175 x 230 x 160 mm

DIMENSIONS FOLDED:  70 x 125 x 42 mm

TRANSDUCER SYSTEM:   Anamorphite Infiltrated in Flexopolymer

POWER SOURCE:   Lithium-ion battery integrated in the upper arch