Ludens / LudoMetric Currency


Copyright:  L. Marcusse  Foundation / © 01/03/2070


Following the publication in 2092 of “Fundamentals in LudoMetry. The digital measurement of leisure for a sustainable eco-happiness” by Dr. Lydia Marcusse, many a debate on the concept of measuring happiness arose in academic forums.  At the time, numerous opinion groups did not consider it ethical. Although the United Nations did apply concepts such as Quality of Life instrad of the traditional GDP when evaluating the well-being of the population. So daring to use a concept as diffuse and controversial as “happiness” and linking it only to the concept of “leisure” was the cause of very conflicting philosophical debates.


It was not until 2099, two years before the constitution of the United Nations Board of Sages in 2101, that Marcusse’s theses were revised. The concept of “Happiness” would not be due exclusively to the level of leisure or personal satisfaction. It would be the mathematical result of the digital values of the New Age: Power, Sociality, Beauty and Leisure. The Ludens had already been used for over 2 decades at experimental level to measure “Leisure”. Now it  became a planetary digital currency.


All the enormous Big Data used in marketing, referring to experiential scores of any kind of consumption, was reprocessed with Marcusse’s system of ludometric algorithms to unify the mathematical models of the New Age.


Today, Ludometry and its measurements are deeply rooted in society across the planet. No one can conceive a world in which you can decide anything without a digital experiential advisor. Travel, sports viewing, audio-visual fiction or music consumption depend largely on the average score of all inhabitants with a back-palm bioChip implant.


It is through this Anamorphite device that the different values of endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin or dopamine in the blood are measured in our body in a given experiential moment. When the system knows that we are, for example, witnessing a live opera, our levels of emotion throughout the piece are recorded to qualify our leisure indicator in real time. Bad news, such as the passing away of a loved one, changes our score. Also if our favourite football team wins or loses.


In the field of labor, certain types of companies have tried to limit their hiring to personnel with a minimum average of annual Ludens, to avoid possible losses due to depression. The issue is still being debated all over the planet, although a good number of SociosYstems advocate for the approval of a planetary law on the matter. They argue that without a minimum of Ludens it should not be possible to access teamwork and the person should receive social assistance.


The Ludens has been used as an exchange currency since 2101, in combination with the other three New Age currencies. We can adjust scores from our terminals, offsetting some values against others at a given time and thus get access to a certain work, emotional or consumption objective.


The following table lists the Ludens currency exchange rates with respect to the other New Era values:


Currency Exchange Value Power Sociality Leisure Beauty
PowerOmetry:   1  Potens 1,000 0,434 0,322 + 0,018
EsthetoMetry:   1   Canon 0,561 0,243 5,542 1
CommuniMetry:   1    Trans 2,304 1,000 0,741 + 0,041
LudoMetry:   1  Ludens 3,109 1,349 1,000 + 0,055
Pn Tn Ln Cn