Intelligent 3-wheeled vehicle


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The Volkswagen Group’s initiative to launch high-performance autonomous tricycles on the market followed the strong demand for the introduction of large electrified highways towards the end of the 21st century. The high-speed electric tricycles, heirs to Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion vehicle back in 1933, facilitated mobility between cities, during the highly saturated times during which the first AeroTrain lines were being installed. The VW group model was a great sales success as a 4-seater utility vehicle. Nowadays it is considered a retro model that provokes sympathy and brings good memories to the pedestrian of any city.


Its 360º turning rear wheel allows a great manoeuvrability. The driving wheels with independent traction assure adherence to the ground at high speeds and avoid the typical rolling issues with tricycles, reducing friction and consumption.


In 2110 the multinational i-TAXI took over the exploitation rights of the model, dedicating 3 factories around the globe to the renewal of its fleet. Today it is the most widespread taxi model, forming part of the urban landscape of any metropolis with more than 1 million residents.


CAPACITY :                 4 passengers

RANGE:                       1,205km at  250kmh

POWER SOURCE:       Storage Batteries / SocioSystemic Electric Grid


DIMENSIONS:              4,465 x 1,840 x 1,674mm