Intelligent Electric MotorCycle


Copyright: BMW-Robotiks Media Group / © 05/02/2120


The market for rental motorcycles has been widespread since the middle of the past century. It is now best represented by the i-Byke series, the Z-1 model in particular.


The multinational BMW-Robotiks has just revolutionized the industry with the first rear-steering motorcycle. Despite the criticism from its competitors about some alleged instability in the corners and a lack of “touch” for bike lovers, the reality is that no opinion from the Media has spared praise since it was launched in February of this year.


Its state-of-the-art tripleGyro system makes it impossible to tip the machine over. It chooses the precise lean angle according to the radius of the bend, its cant and the entry speed.


Targeting the rental market, it is one of the few intercity models designed to enjoy driving on long-distance motorways. It features all the latest in autonomous driving technology, allowing the driver to lean back and enjoy the entertainment on its large display. If the user wishes to drive it in sports mode, the Z-1 has a multitude of programs that respect the security measures required for this type of robot vehicle.


Equipped with all-electric braking and acceleration controls, which are commonplace in its segment, the only significant criticism is its consumption at speeds over 300kmh, due to its large front drive wheel. Visually it is also highly praised, as it gives it the appearance of a real thoroughbred of the asphalt.


CAPACITY :   2 passengers

RANGE:   1.640km at  250kmh

TOP SPEED:  385 kmh

POWER SOURCE:  Storage Batteries / SocioSystemic Electric Grid


DIMENSIONS: 2,100 x 1,070 x 496mm