TripleZero Automatic Floating Observer


Copyright: Nikon-Leica Ltd. / © 30/04/2104


The spectacular evolution of drone technology during the second half of the 21st century led to the so-called “smart wars” of the 2060s. The archaic autonomous artificial intelligence systems, owned by many different corporations, created a true planetary chaos during the 20 months of the so-called “Drone Wars”. These conflicts between post-capitalist companies accelerated the unanimous decision within the United Nations to limit the decision-making capacity of any type of robotic system. The publication of Dr. Kaplan’s treatise on algorithms and migration in 2066 was a turning point, after which the intellectual and technological roadmap was laid out for a new mathematics, of a markedly ecological nature, and to limit the potential capacity for self-determination of digital systems.


MetaWave technology made all drone systems, both military and commercial, archaic in the 2070s. Advances in ultra-light nanomaterials made it possible to reduce the size and increase the autonomy of the next generation of flying robotic devices.


The FlayCube platform has 6 propellers located on the faces of a small hexahedron, which can maintain a floating position of GPS coordinates with an accuracy of 1 mm in weather conditions with winds not exceeding 30 km/h. It is equipped with multi-resolution stereoscopic cameras on all faces of the polyhedron, being able to transmit 360º images of dynamic interpolation. It can perform a three-dimensional scan of an area of 9 km2 in less than 90 seconds.


The FlayCube system operates in cooperative networks of variable quantity depending on the population density of the area of operation. In urban areas it operates from traffic lights and public lights of the socioSystemic network. These drones automatically relieve each other during recharging times in the thousands of “nests” of a standard capital city, providing planetary security services with valuable visual close-up information, both static and dynamic. Vertical images from SkyKover satellites complete the TripleZero visual information system.


WEIGHT:                      138 g

AUTONOMY:                300 min.

RECHATGING TIME:     33 min.

POWER SOURCE:       Batteries / socioSystemic Grid

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:          0.785

OPTICS:                       48 MicroCam Leica Advant / Software Nikor FxA.

DIMENSIONS:              200 x 200 x 200 mm