Mineral extracted from Moon rock


Copyright:  A. Madigova – B. Douala / CERN / ESA  © 01/10/2041


This new ore was discovered in 2041 during the European Space Agency’s prospective mission to the Aitken Basin, located southwest of the hidden face of the Moon. The first samples were obtained at a depth of more than 80 metres  using the latest robot technology of the time.


The samples it managed to obtain and send back to Earth turned out to be composed of unknown minerals, crystallized in combination with fossil ice. The new moon rock was characterized by central cores of elongated hexagonal crystals, successively surrounded by hexagonal ice prisms. Around the prismatic cores, clusters of cubic crystallizations of a different and very heavy purple mineral were found, perfectly arranged and twinned to the ice itself. These cubes turned out to be composed of a new element of the periodic table, since then called Anamadium. The Anamadium Dioxide mineral was named Anamorphite.


The case of central prismatic cores has remained a controversial issue in the scientific community ever since, given the secrecy. This new mineral was named Dualinite in honor of its discoverer, the Cameroonian geologist Bianca Douala, an astrophysicist responsible for the analysis of extraterrestrial rocks at the ESA. The only information provided at the time was that it was a residual mineral, based on Calcium Fluorophosphates, with various metals added, including Anamadium itself.


Since it lacked the famous meta-molecular properties of Anamorphite that turned this new material into a strategic component of communications, after the discoveries of Dr. Punset, Dualinite fell into scientific oblivion.


It was not until the intensive implantation of the new backpalm bioChips based on Anamorphite in a non-crystalline state in 2112 that the question of Dualinite arose again in public opinion. Unconfirmed rumours accused the army of using it for interrogation purposes, mainly on terrorists and tax evaders.


Since then, many scientists, most of them members of the famous association Analogy21 , have been requesting the industrial consortium MooNext to provide lunar samples and information in order to investigate the mysterious mineral.


To this day it is still classified at a higher level of secrecy than Anamorphite itself.


Name Dualinite
Category Extraterrestrial phosphate minerals
Class Unconfirmed (*)
Chemical formulation Anamadium and Calcium Fluorophosphate with metal aggregates (*)
Physical properties:
Color Blue (**)
Streak White (**)
Lustre Glassy (**)
Diaphaneity Opaque (**)
Crystalline structure Hexagonal
Hardness Unconfirmed (*)
Fracture Unconfirmed (*)
Density Unconfirmed (*)
(*) No data from IMA (International Mineralogical Association).
(**) Estimations based on images available