Genetically Enhanced Healthy Tobacco


Copyright: The Happy & Funny Drugs Corp. © 01/01/2065


After the almost full extinction of traditional tobacco consumption during the 2040s, due to its obvious and scientifically proven damage to health, the first known consortium of Capital-Science, Tabacam, after more than 15 years of investment in 3 converging scientific lines, managed to combine 2 paradoxical virtues in a genetically modified tobacco plant: tobacco flavor with a controlled dose of nicotine, without tar or ammonia + antibody activators at the intra-genetic level according to patented formulas applicable to the plant.


Before revealing its discovery to the world, the consortium carried out a risky commercial operation that no one understood at the time: they paid huge amounts for the cigarette brands from the old multinationals in dire times, such as Phillip Morris, Imperial Tobacco and Altadis, and relaunched those famous cigarette brands in the new therapeutic transgenic format. Once they had obtained their licenses from the WHO, they “discovered” their work to the world on New Year’s Eve 2065, with an unprecedented advertising campaign: carefully selected clips of the most famous scenes in movie history, with their legendary actors posing as smokers and exhaling puffs in delicate pastel shades. Each brand was given a characteristic colour and flavour, sometimes two or three. The reaction of the public was immediate and brought in millions in sales and the resurrection of factories that made ashtrays, lighters, cigarette cases and other accessories related to the outdated culture of cigarettes.


Today, after 50 years of development, the therapeutic specificity of this type of cigarette has reached levels that our ancestors would describe as science fiction: now we can take away a headache or cure a cold by smoking a Marlboro Cherry, a Winston Green or a Chesterfield Blue. In the 90’s the classic cylinder was replaced by a closed head hexagonal prism with microperforations required for certain types of specific therapies.


CIGARETTES PER PACK:                                           17

NICOTROMINE CONTENT (transGenic tobacco):           3 – 3,5 mg / cigarette

THERAPEUTIC CONTENT:                                           Varies accross brands and types