Auto Transport Urban Vehicle


Copyright: The YellowCab Global Corp. / © 04/07/2079


The progressive and unstoppable population increase during the second half of the past 21st century brought about new types of transport in big cities.


The traditional taxi with a driver, already replaced in the 2030s by autonomous robot systems, gave way to versions with greater capacity and flexibility. The ATV models started with 4-seater platforms and reached 18-seater versions, with half the passengers standing, as a hybrid with the classic car-bus. The first ATV model that rolled through the streets of New York in July 2065 was manufactured entirely in China by the YellowCab Corporation, owned by one of the first CapitalScience consortia.


The most widely used version in the world is the 6-seater version, thanks to its versatility in sharing with other urban travel means and its sliding side platform for disabled access with autonomous chairs. At that time we must remember that the population was ageing dramatically due to the high life expectancy reached. So the use of auxiliary chairs for the elderly had increased substantially.


It was not until genetic reGeneration was extended to the entire population as a Universal Right that the census of mobile disabled people was reduced and new models of vehicles for young people made a comeback.


CAPACITY:   6 passengers + 1 autonomous seat or luggage

RANGE:   390km at 150kmh

POWER SOURCE:  Storage Batteries / SocioSystemic Electric Grid


DIMENSIONS: 4,300 x 1,680 x 1,760mm