Scientific Society for the Defense of Civil Rights


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Non-profit company incorporated in SocioSystem 6-392-008_Kinki, formerly Osaka Prefecture, Japan, on March 1, 2119.

The founder and current president, Dr. Wa-Kai, a well-known expert in Regenerative Synapses from Osaka University, promoted the initiative of this controversial association after he publicly disagreed with his colleague Nancy Kaplan at the 2118 Metabolic Cell Therapy Congress in Vienna. At that congress, the ethical option of integrating the Moon’s Anamadium Dioxide into human neural tissues was debated. Wa-Kai defended the advantages of such therapy, arguing for the remarkable circadian improvements tested on mice and apes. Kaplan was radically opposed because she considered the Anamorphite of the backpalm bioChips a sufficient dose in the organism of Homo sapiens. He considered any type of neuronal implant on a planetary scale to be  very expensive and dangerous and advocated for limiting use of the neuroassimilable Anamorphite mineral, which is scarce and of very high cost, exclusively to the brains of androids. Wa-Kai publicly accused her of acting as a politician, as her arguments lacked any scientific basis, and she was expelled from the congress.

In less than a year the Japanese scientist had collected enough signatures to constitute his association and legally register it at the United Nations headquarters in New York-Civitas.

Today it is the scientific society with the largest number of members, 2.7 million people on the planet. Most of them have no backpalm implants and therefore have no right to Universal ReGeneration. Among its affiliated members are prestigious Nobel Prize winners from the last four decades, which gives it enough prestige to keep a permanent pulse with the policies of GlassCity’s Board of Sages.

As a curiosity, the name of the controversial association was chosen in honor of a former futuristic book publisher of the 21th century. Texts that have disappeared from every book museum on the planet and from any digital server. In fact, its legend constitutes one of the most picturesque conspiracy theories on the Net. The most talked about is that of the existence of “Neural Metabolic Tunnels”, capable of connecting two human brains from different periods and promoting their dialogue.

Wa-Kai continues to defend that he read them in his youth, that the texts of this publishing house really existed and that their disappearance demonstrates the level of manipulation and dictatorial control  which the population is being subjected to subretitiously from GlassCity.

The founder of Analogy21 is currently 93 years old.


Registered address:

Rue du Montblanc, 4 / 1201      _SocioSystem 7-756-004_Geneva-Civitas




Tzao Wa-Kai                             _ SocioSystem 6-392-008_Kinki.


Board Members:

Marta Gines Blasco                  _ SocioSystem 7-724-031_Valencia-Civitas.

Asa Matsumoto                         _ SocioSystem 6-392-003_Tokyo-Civitas-3.

Gregor Wagensberg                  _ SocioSystem 7-250-021_Paris-Civitas-Champs Ellysèes.

Mª Dolores Meinhoff Laffayete _ SocioSystem 2-840-140_Massachusetts

Davide Mastroianni                   _ SocioSystem 7-380-031_Catania-Civitas



Francisco Andújar Rivelles        _ SocioSystem 7-724-031_Valencia-Civitas.


Main Mission:

Defend ethical values that are in serious danger of extinction in the face of the progressive attack on privacy promoted by GlassCity’s new planetary government.


Decalogue of the Permanent Statutory Goals:


_1        On Universal ReGeneration

Prolonging life artificially is not ecological. In a few decades the exploitation of the territories will be unsustainable. However accurate Kaplan’s migration data are, their demographic redistribution is a temporary solution, unsustainable in the long term. Natural resources are finite. When the human population reaches 30 billion healthy people, the system will collapse. And the Board of Sages knows this.


_2        On backpalm bioChips

The apparent benefits of such a device imply a covert totalitarian dictatorship. The promise of cell reGeneration is used as bait. We consider it perverse to offer life prolongation as a bargaining coin with which to seduce the population into giving up their privacy to the most consumerist transliberalism. It is the most aggressive device known, since the origins of the capitalist economy, to monitor and control the population.


_3        On the covert dictatorship of Mutational Algorithms

Not all SocioSystems designed by Kaplan are the same. The rich systems continue to exert more influence on the United Nations Security Council than the poor, less developed ones, now euphemistically referred to as “softly growing”. The highest level of power is still held by the same old nation states that had the right of veto, all the former nuclear powers. The “Revolution of TransCapitalism” has remained a pure 19th century-style reform. The mathematical meritocracy that we were promised continues to be a utopia.


_4        On the new dogma of PredicTology

We do not consider it admissible to accept as a science an accumulation of enormous statistical data processed by algorithms of dubious ethical profile, direct heirs of archaic military intelligence systems. The aim is to nullify chance, free will and the uncertainty inherent in life, in order to satisfy the most reactionary consumerism and guarantee the operating profits of the new insurance and reinsurance corporations. The intention is to turn the futures market into an infallible business, which goes against its raison d’être.


_5        On transCapitalist consumerism disguised as ecological

It is not acceptable that after all the improvements made in the fight against climate change we are back to the same levels as a hundred years ago. Although the population has more than doubled since then, to expect living standards equivalent to those of the last century for the current census is mathematically unsustainable. The new consumerism, instead of unifying ecologically sustainable standards for all, encourages differentiation and individualism more than ever, preventing the achievement of tolerable climate levels in many of the new overpopulated city-states.


_6        On future climate control with the satellite matrix

Countless social benefits are announced with the new Universal SkyKover Network. These devices, built on the moon at an exorbitant cost and positioned at an altitude of only 180 km, represent from our point of view an exaggerated solution due to their dimensions, consumption and visual pollution. While it is true that the system has allowed us to clear the stratosphere of all the obsolete space debris, it remains to be seen whether the benefits of climate control will outweigh the cost. And it is also to be seen whether the distribution of climate performance will be equitable and supportive, or subordinated to the interests of certain corporations.


_7        On Induced Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

While it has been a well-established right since the beginning of the last century in many former nation states, we do not agree with its explicit promotion since the new GlassCity government. We consider it to be of very dubious constitutionality. An acquired right cannot be confused with a supposed “action in solidarity with the planet”, as it has come to be called.


_8        On Weapon Metamarkets

The whereabouts of countless military depots prior to the Treaty of Brasilia are unknown. Attacks with such prohibited weapons are on an upward trend. Dr. Svatsky’s prediction is not providing any solution in this regard. Who is financing these terrorist groups? Who are the beneficiaries of this new Fear Culture, apart from the geolocation and the huge metaWave technology of the new satellites, paid for by all the planet´s taxpayers?


_9        On AesthetoMetry and its dictatorship on “beauty”

We respect Dr. Roisemberg’s theories and his undoubted contribution to the new mutational algebra, but his AestethoMetry is killing off creativity. It benefits mass consumption and the creative software corporations in particular, but it does not contribute towards improving the quality of what is created. Its beauty measurement algorithms have achieved the opposite of what was originally intended. The resulting uniformity to ensure sales is killing Art, or what is left of it.


_10       On MetaWave technology and its untapped potential

We disagree with the scientific objectives of the United Nations regarding the development of MetaWave technology. Important lines of research are being left out, all of them related to the rest of the planetary fauna besdies the human species, or lines related to extrasensory effects on living organisms. We denounce the lack of public resources and the opacity of information on these subjects, something that is intolerable in a scientific community that prides itself in the midst of the 22nd century.