Scan & Video Real Time Flying Camera


Copyright: Canon Aerospace  Corp.    © 05/04/2119


Commissioned by InterPol just two years ago, it is intended to be a supplementary solution to the HelyaCam and SpyCube horizontal imagery currently used by the global police force in its surveillance and security functions.
Due to the constant technological evolution in image quality and their possible alterations through hacking, the surveillance system became ineffective in the fight against various mafias and antiSystemic groups.

After a restricted public tender, the company awarded the contract was the Canon Aerospace Corporation. Its proposal, as economical as it is innovative, is based on the aerodynamic levitation of the dandelion’s cypsela (Taraxacum officinale). It has the lowest existing specific weight thanks to a polymeric structure with micro alveoli.

A single, small electric motor is responsible for propelling the 6 variable-geometry blades by modifying their speed and angle. Its perforated cover turns and slides vertically to modify the ventral opening and is in charge of regulating height, displacement and stability.

The SVR series allows multi-resolution native 128k stereoscopic video imaging, with a frame stability superior to that of the VideoDrones used in Media broadcasts.

The consumption of its only electric motor is exclusively fed by the MetaWave Dissipation Network. It does not require recharging except in very unpopulated areas, where the MetaWave field is less saturated than in large cities.

It can fly stably even in winds of up to 120 km/h. It normally operates in coordinated swarms, interpolating the images of several units. It takes advantage of the existing wind to reduce consumption as much as possible.

Since it is the imaging unit that can arrive on the scene first to record an incident, its very high image quality has made it possible to view horrifying live shots of recent attacks, such as the tragic incident of the HelioTrans in San Francisco Bay.


WEIGHT:                      0.183 kg

PROPULSION:             1 Canon-Toyota VarioSwing 0.2 kW motor


RANGE:                       indefinite

CEILING:                      0.25 km

POWER SOURCE:       MetaWave Dissipation Network


DIMENSIONS:              195 x 195 x 195 mm