High Weight Launch Vector


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The ambitious SkyKover project with its new matrix satellite network, together with the emerging markets of mining and manufacturing on the Moon, required by the end of the 2070s a new launch vehicle concept that could achieve larger space shipments, with weight and dimensions much higher than the traditional ones.


The new Alpha-Triton reactors with a modular architecture developed by the company Seat ProSpace allowed the necessary increase in load. Its central rocket Proteus, the longest built to date, is a direct heir to the transoceanic missiles used by the former People’s Republic of China during the conflicts of 2053 against the more nationalist North America.


MAXIMUM THRUST:                 72 MN with 213 Tm of payload at LTO (Low Terrestrial Orbit)

PAYLOAD:                              1 STS-65 shuttle with 3 STU containers of 250 m3.

POWER SOURCE:                   Propergol of Hydrogen + Oxygen

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:          0.538

DIMENSIONS:                          122,428 x 33,100 x 34,930 mm