MetaWave Bionic Eye Sensor


Copyright: Leica Digital AG  / © 01/12/2118


After the planet’s pacification and the refounding of the Charter of Human Rights in 2112, the fight against capital evasion became the main mission of security forces. The death penalty was eradicated throughout the world except for cases of so-called “Tax Terrorism”. The viability of Transcapitalism required a redistribution of wealth according to socio-Systemic criteria, based on Kaplan’s ecological algorithms. The large corporations and the new groups of Capital-Science, reluctant to accept certain concepts of the United Nations’ scientific theories, resorted to cartels and antiSystem groups to divert and launder funds in digital tax havens.

With the implementation of the backpalm ID bioChip in the majority of the world’s population, migration detection systems became highly effective. But they couldn’t locate the large number of potential criminals without bioChip.

In one of its first reports in 2113, GlassCity’s Council of Sages requested the development of a portable instrument for metaWave detection. With such a tool, law enforcement agents could detect the emissions of identity bioChips. If the suspect was not wearing an implant, they would be able to detect the metaWaves from the holographic communication terminal.

Leica Digital AG won the competition to provide all security forces with such a tool. The first versions, supplied from 2114 onwards, solved the problem of detection yet were too large and heavy. It took several years to achieve a device small enough to be implanted in agents so as not to reduce their operational skills with both hands.

The current MBES tactical instrument, colloquially called the “Fly Eye”, is the most sophisticated cybernetic implant to date. It allows the human brain to visualize any kind of metabolic communication spheres. The LD-1 version also has a thermographic camera and filters of the purest dualinite to be able to discriminate the different types of current emissions in highly populated environments.

Due to its very high cost, implementation and use is restricted exclusively to high-ranking officers of the InterTax agency, the elite operational division of the United Nations Monetary Crime Brigade.


Data unavailable.

Technical specifications declared Top Secret in 2102.