Modular Anamorphite Transport Unit


Copyright: Consortium MOONext / © 01/01/2094


The modular architecture of all Moon mining robots is based on standard motorized, battery-powered drive units, capable of maintaining their power on the Moon’s surface for more than 10 hours.

The chassis is printed with albumen polymer at factories on the satellite itself. Only the raw materials are transported from Earth.

The Wagon modules, mainly in 4 and 6 wheel configurations, are in charge of transporting the regolith and the anamadium rock from the mines located around the south pole of the Moon’s hidden face to the processing centers.

They work alone in an autonomous way, coordinated with the rest of the drilling, extraction and transport machinery.


CAPACITY:                              4.2 m3 / 7.46 m3

PAYLOAD:                              50 -90 Tm of Maximum Admissible Load

POWER SOURCE:                   Moon electricity stored in Lithium-Anamadium batteries.

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:          1.000



– 4-wheel module:         3,840 x 3,840 x 2,200 mm

– 6-wheel module:         3,840 x 5,340 x 2,200 mm