Modular Hammer Drill & Shovel Excavator Unit


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Skorpio units are the most widely produced as they spearhead recent lunar mining. They turn up at the areas indicated by the prospecting satellites, chop and crumble rock in search for the precious Anamorphite, and load the cargo onto the various wagon units for transportation to the Luna-2 and Luna-3 factories. They have solar cells to recharge their batteries so they can stay longer in remote areas, as they are the first to prospect in a new field. Normally they are accompanied by Spyder units on their first mission, until the quality of the mineral is confirmed and the other robots arrive to level the ground and prepare the intensive exploitation of the area.


Their tool changing system allows them to drill, break rock and pick it up with the shovel. They work in uninterrupted 6-hour shifts and recharge at energy centers strategically located throughout the southern hemisphere of the Moon.


CAPACITY:                              0,8 – 1,2 m3 of regolith displacement

PERFORATION:                       0,5 – 1,7 metres/hour of moon rock

POWER SOURCE:                   Moon electricity, sotred in Lithium-Anamadium batteries

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:          1.000



Body:                 5,700 x 7,750 x 5,130 mm

Arm extended:  15,540 x 7,750 x 5,130 mm


Max. Working height:                5,400 mm