Modular Anamorphite Bulldozer Unit


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The modular architecture of all mining robots on the Moon is based on standard motorized, battery-powered drive units, capable of maintaining their activity for over 10 hours.


The chassis is printed with an albumin polymer at the satellite’s own factories. Only the raw material, engines, tracks and hydraulic units are transported from Earth. The assembly is carried out at the Luna-2 factory with fully automated processes.


The Skarab units are a highly refined design of the autonomous bulldozer. They are responsible for levelling the area of exploitation and for creating paths for the circulation of wagons and other mining robots.


They work alone in an autonomous way, coordinated with the rest of the drilling, extraction and transport machinery.


CAPACITY:                  7 m3 of regolith displacement

PAYLOAD:                   500 Tm at Maximum Thrust

POWER SOURCE:       Moon electricity. Stored in Lithium-Amamadium batteries





Body:               5,200 x 6,840 x 3,540 mm

Blade:              3,500 x 975 x 1,500 mm

Max. Height:     6,000 mm