Modular Anamorphite Dumper Truck


Copyright: Consortium MOONext / © 01/01/2094


Due to the growing demand for Anamorphite ore by the end of the 21st century to manufacture backpalm bioChips, the United Nations Security Council invited the major robotic companies to a competition for ideas to develop a whole new machinery program. The objective was to increase exploitation rates at the Luna-2 facilities, the main Anamadium ore deposit. The new MOONext Consortium developed an entirely modular concept with the latest generation robots, lightweight and using very little power, and made them act collaboratively in absence of human control.


The Krab model is in charge of collecting the ore deposited in the different wagon models and transferring it to the factory where numerous robot belts separate the different qualities of regolith to obtain the semi-crystalline Anamadium Dioxide.


They work alone in an autonomous way, coordinated with the rest of the drilling, extraction and transport equipment.


CAPACITY:                               40 m3 of regolith and Anamorphite rock

PAYLOAD:                              750 Tm.

POWER SOURCE:                   Moon electricity, stored in Lithium-Anamadium batteries

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:          1.000

DIMENSIONS:                          16,400 x 6,650 x 4,500 mm