Modular Extra Terrestrial Vehicle


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Transporting engineers over long distances and with low consumption, motivated by the differences in latitude between the various bases on the Moon, was a singular challenge in the late 2090s. While electric motor technologies were more than adequate, the major problem was the supply of breathable air for the 18 hours that the longest journey can take.


The solution came with reverse-synthesis micro membranes. Large lenticular discs that store the mixture of liquefied nitrogen and oxygen, as in conventional cylinders, but which have the capacity to replenish 2.5% every hour, extracting the nitrogen and oxygen present in the first metres of altitude above the lunar surface.


CAPACITY:                              6 humans and/or humanoids

RANGE:                                   22 hours at 140 km/h.

POWER SOURCE:                   Moon Electricity. Stored in Lithium-Anamadium batteries

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:          1.000

DIMENSIONS:                          4,800 x 9,700 x 4,420 mm