By Armand Stark


Copyright: Stark Fashion Media Group / © 22/04/2116


Launched on the market for the summer of 2116, it was a commercial success that was difficult to measure. Sales of several million glasses in just one quarter, caused an additional problem for the Tennessee manufacturer. The use of the new pentagonal glass and its aroma deflector system increased consumption of the liquor on an unexpected scale. Thanks to an agreement with the Wanda Spirits Capital-Science group, the content of which remains confidential, the company was able to meet  demand in the middle of last year, regularize distribution and maintain its stock market listing. During the period 2116-2119, the shortage of certain Jack Daniel’s products turned them into a true luxury raising the price on the  gastronomic MetaMarkets at more than 5,000 moons per bottle.


WEIGHT:          218 g

CAPACITY:       90 cc

DIMENSIONS:  100 x 100 x 90 mm