By Gloria Dyson


Copyright: Dyson Robotics / © 06/01/2120


The first model of an autonomous robotic chair with anamorphite, which interacts with the user’s backpalm bioChip in order to move away or closer when used as a seat. With a simple gesture, it extends the armrests or folds them back. Its postural optimization system modifies the volumetry of the lumbar and neck support according to our defined biotype. In the event of an injury, the DroidyChair will make the corrections prescribed by our daily clinical analysis.
When not in use, the DroidyChair is used for vacuuming and horizontal floor cleaning. Its 2,000 cc waste tank provides more than a month’s autonomy , which guarantees plenty of time until it is checked and emptied by the human maintenance services.
For colours and textures of upholstery, please consult the catalogue.


WEIGHT:                      17,4 kg

DIMENSIONS:             505 x 505 x 1.200 mm

POWER SOURCE:       Battery rechargeable through the MetaWave Field