Space Transport Shuttle


Copyright: Consortium MOONext / © 01/01/2080


The STS shuttles represented a technological turning point for the industrial expansion on the Moon. Initiated in September 2085, the programme contributed significantly to accelerating the ambitious SkyKover satellite implementation project. The hybrid space freighter and leisure cruiser solution substantially improved the payback per launch. The economic management of the Copernicus Programme is carried out by the MOONext Consortium, formed by the largest aerospace technology manufacturers from the five continents and chaired by the United Nations Security Council.


CAPACITY:                  2 pilots + 2 assistants + 28 holiday passengers in “Emperor”class

PAYLOAD:                              3 STU (Space Transport Unit) containers of 250 m³ each

POWER SOURCE:                   Propergol of Hydrogen + Oxygen

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:          0.894

DIMENSIONS:                          39,796 x 50,233 x 8,134 mm