Holographic Table nº 6


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With the development of MetaWave communications at the end of the 21st century, many new devices handling holography were launched onto the market. After several years of “wars” between standards and commercial struggles between various oligopolies, the classic desk became the predominant communications terminal. Despite the growing mobility of the labour market and the successive mutations of the teleworking concept, carrying out an activity in a seated position, with a vertical back and elbows supported on a board, whether for creative, management or supervisory tasks, continues to be the most widespread posture in all cultures on the planet today.


The Braun Holographic Table No. 6 has been the best-selling model year after year since its launch two decades ago. Each new version has increased its performance and processing speed. Version 6 dated 2118 is ready for the new features that the SkyKover Network will offer when the spherical matrix is completed.


WEIGHT:                      16.4 kg

DIMENSIONS:              2,404 x 1,400 x 750 mm

POWER SOURCE:       Metawave Network