Automatic Parcel Distribution Van


Copyright: The Automatic Delivery Corp. / © 25/07/2108


Although autonomous delivery vehicles appeared in the mid-30s of the past century, the relentless population and resulting consumption growth since the 2070s required new, faster and more flexible solutions to supply the numbers of residents in large cities. Millions of daily deliveries to people who were beginning to get reGenerated and felt rejuvenated, with a new desire to live and consume, in an ecological but very intensive way.


The large consortiums of CapitalScience such as Alibaba-Analytics or Amazon-Bayer had to reinvent their old distribution fleet structures in view of the new challenges caused by the so-called “ReGOY” generation (ReGenerated OldYoung).


The AutoVan model from ADC is currently the vehicle most widely used in towns with more than 200,000 inhabitants. Its identification and opening system by means of a backpalm bioChip guarantees the recipient that his or her package is not removed by any other user. Thanks to a system of motorized and independent trays, the vehicle only slides out the tray with our package and each package has a locking mechanism onto the tray that only allows the recipient to withdrawal it.


The delivery notification is made by means of the latest predicTological algorithms to optimize the always undesirable possible queue in front of the delivery vehicle. In fact never more than three people coincide at any collection geolocation.


CAPACITY :   4.5m³ in 4 modular compartments.

RANGE:   680km at  120 kmh

ENERGY SOURCE:  Storage Batteries / SocioSystemic Electric Grid


DIMENSIONS: 4,030 x 1,782 x 1,915mm