By Lydia Giugiaro


Copyright: Italdesign Media Group / © 01/01/2120


Famous creator Giugiaro has once again surprised the transportation world  with her bicycle prototype featuring intelligent suspension wheels.

It is the first model in history equipped with self-stabilising gyroscopes. Their consumption is so low that the bicycle can never tip over, even when parked. The surrounding MetaWave Dissipation Network is enough to feed it. The small battery is recharged when pedalling, so that its auxiliary motor can support climbing slopes of more than 10%.

100% built with robotized processes, the frame made of hybrid polymers with graphite provides great flexibility and lightness. The tyres are made of massive polyflow™ so they can never be punctured.

The on-board computer is equipped with the latest geolocation technology. It only works with our bioChip, it can follow us when we walk and we can send it home when we don’t need it. An unparalleled mobility companion for cosmopolitan life.

Sales only on request. Custom size manufacturing. Check for finishes and prices.


WEIGHT:                                  5.269 kg

MAX. DIMENSIONS :               2,336 x 1,413 x 600 mm

POWER SOURCE :                  MetaWave Dissipation Field

ECOENERGETIC RATIO:          0.856