Analytical BioCam Water Closet


Copyright: GenHomia Worldwide Corp. / © 01/09/2120


The dominant trend of incorporating tiny anamorphite chips in all kinds of household appliances was introduced to the toilet by the multinational company BioCam.


Recently released on the market, at the same time the SkyKover satellite loop was closed on September 12, it is the first excretion unit featuring real-time analysis. Its centrifuge core allows it to test a wide range of particles, including faeces and urine, for clinical diagnosis.

The results can be downloaded onto our terminals or at the nearest VirtualMirror. With the Diagnostyk assistance program, a series of nutritional recommendations can be drawn up to correct possible biomedical maladjustments.


With a very refined and ergonomic design, the seat can automatically adjust its height. It has foot rests to improve posture and it can rotate to change the visual angle and face the door, the wall or a side of the cabin where it is installed.


CAPACITY :                 1 body weighing less than 150 kg

RANGE:                       Indefinite

POWER SOURCE :      MetaWave Dissipation Field


Base:                           665 x 665 mm

Seating height:             455 – 505 mm

Height Lid Open:          1,025 – 1,075 mm